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Ranking Factors On Google

A website that is well developed serves as a hub for your company to showcase images of work that is finished, attract your target customers, and answer frequently asked questions. The most crucial factor of a website on the internet is how easily it can be found by internet users. You may have a beautiful site, but you won’t get visitors if you are not visible when people are searching for you. You’ll get the maximum business leads when you’re visible to prospective clients searching for you. Google and other search engines see web pages differently than we do. They are machines and you have to know what they are looking for to rank as well as possible in search results.

When Google looks at your web site, it views the coding along with other factors which aren’t instantly obvious to the casual internet user. Lots of businesses assume that if they publish a website, they’ll receive results. However, Google uses an algorithm to determine who’ll appear on the first page of a web search.

What Does Google Look At In A Site? Google has robots crawling the Internet across countless web pages. These robots gather and sort the subject headings, keywords, and all types of info. Then the robots categorize every page and record the relevant, high-level information. They organize it based on keywords and subjects, creating categories, and indexes and store it in a quick-access library system.

This library system makes the Google internet search engine very quick. Consequently, its very simple to find the webpage answering a particular question within milliseconds.

A Shortcut To Get On The First Page Of Google – Should you desire a shortcut for getting your site to the first page of the results, you’ll have to pay Google to place you there. That’s called Google advertising or AdWords.

Typically, on any Google search, two types of links will come up, 1. Paid advertisements and 2. Organic search results. Organic search results are like advertisements which aren’t purchased.

Whenever you perform a search like “Tampa Kitchen Remodeling”, you’ll find 3 different sections on the initial page of the search results: Paid ads, Local Search Results and Organic Search Results.

  1. Paid ads. These are businesses who are paying Google to be on top of page one.
  2. Local Search Results. Businesses who have optimized their local visibility.
  3. Organic Search Results. Google wants to offer the most relevant results for a web search query. If you would like your site to achieve first-page placement for the product and services you provide, fill your website with content relevant to them and be helpful.  The four biggest factors Google looks at when ranking a website are: coding, content, link popularity, and traffic rank. Things that can hurt a website’s ranking are: using a link farm, duplicate content, and bad backlinks. 

Google also looks for authority in websites it has indexed. Authority is determined by how popular your content is with other sites, link popularity. When sites that Google considers relevant because they have authority of their own, link to a page on your website, Google assigns greater authority and a higher search results ranking link to that page. Other factors like dwell time also contribute to authority. See Google Authority Metrics for more.