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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery SEO

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The most important goal of your practice website is to generate leads and convert them into patients. To do this, your website must be well ranked and appear prominently in online search results for the plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic rejuvenation services your prospective clients are searching for on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, or even asking their smartphone to find.

Search engine optimization (SEO) grabs the attention of these potential patients and drives them to your website. Unlike most other internet marketing agencies, Web Edge utilizes common consumers search terms in order to position your practice competitively.

We understand that SEO is a key cornerstone of your whole digital marketing effort. That is why we work with you to build a plan around searches that include:

  • Compelling information about your main areas of practice
  • Frequently asked questions and answers regarding plastic surgery, cosmetic revitalization and other treatments you provide
  • Differentiators that spotlight your practice, such as certifications, technology, techniques, patient care, etc.

The factors that influence your website’s ability to appear consistently in search results can change. But two things do not change:

  1. The requirement that your practice website targets the search phrases your potential patients are using so you can earn their patronage
  2. Web Edge’s commitment to helping you succeed by researching the latest search trends, formulating a custom marketing strategy specifically for your practice and ensuring your practice website’s compliance with the latest search engine criteria so you stand out and your search ranking only improves

Learn how SEO helps your website’s search result ranking and overall online marketing goals by calling 844-932-3343. We cater to plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, med spas, hair restoration practitioners, and other cosmetic practices throughout the United States and Canada.

How Will My Practice Website Stay Prominent If SEO Continues Evolving?

The tools we use to provide insight into actual consumer search behavior continue to improve. With these we are able to see how little some of the high-level phrases that many practices use in their keyword lists actually are searched — some of them are never searched!

Instead, Web Edge formulates your SEO strategy by focusing on the search phrases that consumers actually search to look into surgical and nonsurgical procedures. In addition to using the vernacular of your prospective patients, our methodology also utilizes multiple phases the consumer may use depending on which phase of their investigation and purchase decision they are in.

Our team customizes optimization of your practice website to tap into your unique local market. We research factors like the following to ensure your website reaches the most valuable users:

  • Your practice location and nearby areas
  • The branding of your practice
  • The strategies and tactics of your competitors
  • Demographics of your prospective patients
  • Insight into your patients’ needs, interests, and goals

SEO Surgical Leads from SEO Web Edge Digital Marketing

At Web Edge, we understand that today SEO requires a comprehensive strategy. While your website might enjoy prominent positioning for high-volume keywords in pay-per-click (PPC) results, the cost saving opportunities associated with targeting long-tail search queries can expand your practice’s exposure in search results without incurring the extra costs that accompany PPC campaigns, and because of the nature of organic listings the prospective patients visiting your website will stay longer and view more of your web pages giving you more of a chance to convert them into clients.

How SEO Boosts Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Online search marketing is one of the most highly effective ways that plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons can utilize to connect with the interests of prospective patients and convert visitors of their practice website into leads.

The first step Web Edge employs on your website is website optimization. Using our proprietary software we are able to evaluate the issues that are currently preventing your practice website from ranking well so that we can fix them.

  • We ensure your website has the correct structure and necessary files that search engines use to view, examine and index your website
  • We check for broken links and coding issues on your homepage

Next, we do what is called on-page optimization. Guided by consumer search queries, our builds brand new, never before seen web pages with:

  • A highly descriptive title that communicates the practice area to both consumers and search engines
  • A meaningful and interesting description that search engines will show on the results page below the title to entice users to visit your website
  • Unique, professionally written content that interests potential patients, sets your practice apart as the one they should contact and establishes the relevance of your website to search engines
  • Easy to navigate internal links that provide a structure and hierarchy to your website
  • Eye catching Images that not only engage the reader and enhance the readability of the page but enhance your SEO through underlying coding that has meaning and relevance to search engines

Our comprehensive search engine optimization effort puts a spotlight your website in search results and helps to convert qualified visitors.

After we upload your optimization we monitor your website every week to make sure it stays at least 95% compliant with the latest search engine criteria for ranking well on the search result pages.

Great SEO is the important cornerstone for both your website and your overall digital marketing effort. Web Edge knows this, and our team performs keyword research, builds engaging user-centric content that keeps visitors on your website, and provides recommendations to help you maximize your ROI for each marketing channel.

Plastic surgery SEO Web Edge Organic Search Engine Marketing Optimization

Converting Your Site Visitors into Leads

Prominence in search results is imperative for bringing opportunities to your website and generating leads. Web Edge has the tools and experience to help you to track your leads and show you the true value of your search engine marketing.

At Web Edge, our technical team works with clients to help them get the most out of their SEO campaign and other marketing strategies. We want our clients to make the most of the opportunities they have to drive traffic and leads to their websites. Our SEO agency has more than 15 years of experience marketing plastic surgeons and cosmetic practices. In that time we’ve optimized over 40,000 websites with 100% success and have a 93% retention rate over 5 years.

We have seen SEO change, and we have changed with it to help our clients achieve continual success.

Learn how Web Edge can help your practice stand out in online search results, get more visitors to your website and convert those visitors into patients. Call 844-932-3343 for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your practice website marketing goals.

You can also contact us about your needs and goals through our website. If you’re a plastic surgeon, cosmetic dermatologist, hair restoration practitioner, skincare specialist or provide other cosmetic services, please complete our online form to request your consultation.


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