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Is your competition ahead of you in the search results?

Are you paying per click for 1st-page placement while your competition is not?

Would you like to lower your monthly PPC spending while getting more traffic?


Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), like Google AdWords, is the method many business owners, like you, typically choose to bring more traffic to their websites. It is easy, the results are instantaneous, and it drives traffic to their websites. Pay per click advertising can be effective when coupled with expert keyword research.

So what’s wrong with paying per click?

  • Pay per click prices increase approximately 20% every year.
  • Pay per click ads turn off and go away when your daily ad budget runs out.
  • 85% of online buyers skip over the pay per click ads to click on the organic listings in the middle of the page.

Why choose an organic placement solution?

  • Organic placement solutions are one-third the price of pay per click campaigns.
  • Eight out of ten paid visitors bounce off your site while less than half of the organic visitors bounce off. A 35% reduction in bounce rate!
  • Organic visitors view twice as many pages as paid search visitors when they visit your site.
  • Organic visitors stay on your site over three times longer per visit than paid search visitors.

Ready to switch?

At Web Edge, we have been helping companies like yours since 1998. In fact, we have helped over 11,000 clients and their 40,000 websites get off of pay per click advertising and best of all, we increased the traffic to their sites by 500%. That’s right, on average, clients see an average of 5X more opportunities visiting their websites each month at just a fraction of what they were spending on PPC. The best part is clients typically save 66% by switching from PPC to our organic placement solution.

Would you be interested in learning how Google views your website and what they see wrong with your website? For example, you may only be meeting a small percentage of Google’s latest known criteria. To find out what percentage of Googles latest criteria your site meets, you can test your site for free here,

We offer a free, no obligation consultation and it only takes just a couple of minutes. Learn how Google views your website! Call toll free, 844-WEB-EDGE (932-3343).

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