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How Service Companies Can Increase Website Traffic While Reducing PPC Spend

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you paying a search engine for traffic while your competition is not?
  2. Is your competition ahead of you in the search results?
  3. Do you want more traffic coming to your website?
  4. Would you like to lower monthly PPC spending?
  5. Would you like to get better quality visitors, who stay longer, visit more pages, and convert more often visiting your website?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above you may be happy to know that you can achieve organic placement and get more traffic to your website for less money than sponsored search results (PPC) just by optimizing your website content for front page organic placement in search results.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), like Google AdWords, is the method by which many service company owners choose to get more traffic to their websites.  PPC is easy, visibility is instantaneous, and it drives traffic to one’s websites. Each time someone clicks your ad you pay a fee. Pay per click advertising can be effective when coupled with expert keyword research. However, with over 20 years of client data, we’ve found that high quality search engine optimization typically generates more traffic at only a fraction of pay per click prices.

Limitations of pay per click?

You may be asking yourself how SEO can generate more traffic. Well, pay per click ads have a few limitations which limits one’s visibility. What are some of the limitations of using a pay per click program?

  • Because of the bidding nature of PPC, pay per click prices increase by twenty percent every year.
  • Most people cannot afford to keep their ads visible 24 hours a day so pay per click programs make you set a monthly limit on how much you are willing to pay. This becomes your daily budget.  When your daily budget runs out which could be before noon, your pay per click ads go away until the next day.
  • Only 15% of searchers will click on the sponsored search ads at the top of the page.
  • Pay per click ads only appear on the search engine you’re paying. Most people only pay Google which means that they could be ignoring up to 35% of the search market.
  • The cost per click of PPC program is oftentimes 20 times more expensive than that of an organic placement program.
  • The bounce rate for pay per click visitors is 80%. So 8 out of 10 paid visitors leave your site without taking any action.

Why choose an organic placement solution?

  • You can do it yourself and get search traffic for free.
  • Professional organic placement (SEO) is typically only one-third the price of similar pay per click programs and it attracts 5X more traffic.
  • Organic visitors view twice as many pages as paid search visitors when they visit your site.
  • Organic visitors stay on your site over three times longer per visit than paid search visitors.
  • 85% of online searchers click on natural search results in the organic section of the page.
  • There’s no daily budget with organic search listings. They are always visible, 24-7-365.


Pay per click advertising works but for service companies the best pay per click campaigns typically generate twice their cost in new revenue whereas search engine optimization has the ability to generate five or more times its cost in new revenues.

People search for everything imaginable online: the best golf resorts, the highest rated adventure-travel destinations, top gourmet restaurants that deliver in their area. What’s to stop them from searching for the best plumber in Cleveland, the top 24-hour plumber in Chicago, the best kitchen and bath remodeling contractor in Philadelphia, the highest rated auto repair/body shop in Nashville, or the best restaurant for crab cakes in Baltimore? The answer is nothing is stopping them. So fix your website so it achieves free organic placement, and start growing your web traffic today.

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