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Client: Photography Studio


After 20 years of growing the traffic on his old website, a local Tampa photographer starts a new website which gets zero organic traffic. He encourages people to visit the site through networking and social media but it is not getting placement on the first page of major search engines whereas his other website and his competitors’ websites are. Understanding that the more front page visibility you have for a given keyword, the more traffic you’ll receive, he wants to get his second website ranking as well as the first one is. He has a limited budget.


We analyzed the website and recommended a Level 5 Brass Plan (40 new landing pages w/ up to 400 Keywords) to target Tampa or a Level 3 to target smaller cities around Tampa near his studio. He decided to go with the Level 3 and to target Tampa, St. Pete, Miami, Palm Springs and Las Vegas for a number of services he offered. Optimized June 2017 Targeted Cities: Tampa FL, St Petersburg FL, Miami FL, Palm Springs CA, Las Vegas NV Promoted Services: Executive Headshots, Corporate Group Photos, Family Photos, Photo Restoration, Pet Photos, Corporate Event Photography


Over the 12 month period starting the month of optimization traffic steadily increased from ~60 visitors the first month, to ~160 visitors in the 12th month. The photographer received inquiries from Las Vegas, Palm Springs,¬†and Miami as well as calls from the other places he targeted. The traffic to the new website had risen to the traffic he’d spent 20 years building to his original website.

SEO Case Study Photographer

“Greg and his team at WebEdge did a remarkable job bringing my website from the deep abyss of obscurity on page 20 to above the fold on page one. Their follow up, follow thru, and response to questions or issues was incredible and I would highly recommend Greg and WebEdge for anyone wanting to secure an organic page one ranking by Google.” KN

Video of Case Study showing actual results in Google Analytics.