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This seems too good to be true. Is it?
We humbly agree. This is the one question we get most often. Yet, the truth is that we have gained unmatched expertise over time since 1998 by optimizing over 11,000 client websites. We have achieved 100% success getting them all onto the first page. This long, sustained history of success is why we are able to guarantee your First-Page listings.

I am currently working with another Internet Marketing firm. Can I continue working with them?
We often work with our clients’ existing marketing agencies and consultants. We explain our service to your consultant and then request their permission to work with you. So far, we have received unanimously positive responses.

I am already using pay per click (PPC) ads to be on the first page, how could you help me?
If you already use PPC, it’s easy for you to determine exactly how much money we can save you. Our “average client” increases their traffic by 5 to 10 times their current pay per click traffic level for a fraction of the price. Remember, natural, organic placement never shuts off but PPC does as soon as your daily budget runs out.

Why does Web Edge focus mainly on SEO?
For us to stand out as the leader requires us to be true experts at what we do. We have the ability and know-how to perform other digital marketing services and indeed, we do this for some of our clients. However, continually we find that search engine optimization (SEO) provides, by far, the highest return on investment (ROI) of any internet marketing approach. Therefore, our SEO focus is tied directly to our goal of helping our clients become the most profitable in their industry.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No. There’s no long term commitment. Once you make it onto the first page of the search engines, we keep you there or you can stop paying us. That is the ultimate business proposition we make to you, we perform or we don’t get paid.

Does Web Edge use an ethical process from the perspective of Google, Bing, and Yahoo?
Absolutely, we use only approved, acknowledged (White Hat) methods that are awarded ranking by top Search Engines. Because of our respected experience and expertise in SEO, we have formulated a “very unique” toolkit of processes, tactics. and strategies that consistently empower us to guarantee your first-page placement.

Why do certain web pages rise to the first page of the search results?
In a word, “relevance”. Search engines use algorithms (lists of rules) to determine if a web page is relevant by looking for certain coding elements within the page, key files within the website directory, and meaningful content that matches and is closely connected or appropriate for the terms being searched on the search engine. Traffic and inbound links to a page from bonified related external websites also increase a website’s relevance. The page’s content must contain popular keywords that are actively being searched in the title, headers, and body. The keywords must occur conversationally within the text and not be forced.  The length of the page’s content should be neither too short nor too long. Finally, the page must be free of detractors that hurt ranking such as spelling errors, duplicate content, broken links, non-bonified backlinks and stuffed, forced keywords.

Can you help me crush my competition?
Absolutely!  We call this market domination through SEM (search engine marketing). We often help clients get a huge edge over their competition by launching microsites with new domains for their business so searchers find multiple listings for your business instead of just one giving you a much greater probability of having buyers find and land on your site. Each microsite increases the odds 70% that your site will be clicked. As an added bonus, each microsite we launch for you pushes your competition down farther in the search listings.

Can you help me repair my damaged online reputation?
Of course!  Many of our clients come to us for our online Reputation Management expertise. We will get the negative information off of the first page, repair your reputation and regain your lost web visitors.  Just leave it to us!