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6 reasons why SEO is important for businesses

6 Reasons Why SEO Is Important for Business

Why should you as a business owner be concerned about search engine optimization (SEO)?

  • Because you want to give your website visitors such a terrific user experience that they will share it with others
  • Because when you give search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo exactly what they are looking for they place your website on the front page of the search results

The main job of a search engine is and has always been to find the most relevant results for the given search phrase (keyword). If you are not engaged in SEO, you are not on the front page of the search results for your keywords – your competition is!  By investing in search engine marketing, you are staying competitive while achieving brand exposure. Unlike PPC, which disappears as soon as your daily budget runs out, SEO keeps your website high in the search results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where it is sure to gain new customers – even outside normal business hours. Let’s take a look at what a time-tested, proven SEO service can do for you even while you are not working…

6 Reasons to Invest in SEO Marketing

  1. Highest Potential for Conversion

Digital marketing, including SEO, gets your website in front of people who are searching for your service or product. You don’t have to track them down, badger them, or use gimmicks to gain attention; they are already convinced of their need, which is why they are searching online. No full-page magazine ad in the local circular is needed. You just have to be on the front page of the search results and they will find you! SEO will get them to your website. You just have to convince them that you are the best choice for them. Once they come to your website, if you have optimized the user’s experience by providing information they are looking for, then you are well on your way to gaining a new customer.

  1. Optimum Reach

People subconsciously trust search engine results. If Google put’s John’s Kitchen Remodeling on the front page of the search results, then it must have earned that place and it must be good. After finding John’s on the first page and hiring them, a happy new client tells all his friends on Facebook and Twitter that he is having John’s Kitchen Remodeling fix up his kitchen and shares his glowing reviews, leaving a link for followers to click as well. The law of multiplication works fairly quickly, and before you know it, more inquiring homeowners call John’s! Why? Because the search engine did its job, matched everything perfectly, and it all pointed to John’s Kitchen Remodeling.

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  1. Fantastic User Experience

SEO is ultimately about giving the visitor who is searching the best experience possible and providing them the information that they are seeking along with helpful information about your company that tells them why you are the best choice. A search engine wants to give the user the most relevant search results for the given query, and when it is able to that, both parties are happy. A happy visitor is a repeat visitor and potentially a new customer.

  1. Top Exposure for Brand Awareness

As stated in point #2, people unconsciously trust search engine results. If John’s Kitchen Remodeling is in the number one position of the search results, then John’s is the best kitchen remodeler. But most internet searchers do not just call John’s in the next hour and hire them! They do, however, bookmark it or make a note of it somewhere. Then they continue clicking around the internet a few more times before making a final decision. If your website is employing topnotch SEO services with professionally written content, how often might that user come across your company name while conducting his search? What if your company name pulls up 3 out of the 5 times they search for that desired service or product?  Before you know it, they are clicking through to your website.

  1. Wonderful Insight into Your Customers

If your website is properly optimized, it will increase your search engine visibility, credibility, and relevance, all of which increase traffic to your site. Google Analytics (which your website should set up) tracks valuable information about your visitors. You can find out how many visitors are coming from which source (e.g. paid ads, organic, social, referred, direct), and monitor traffic growth over time. You can find out what browser visitors use, which keywords they searched, their geographical location, the days and times they are most active, how much time they spent on a page…on and on. This information will help you discover who your target market is, hone your marketing, and set strategies based on the facts instead of speculation. The better you understand your target audience, the better the value you can provide, and the higher the ROI.

  1. Best Value

SEO is cost-effective.  Compared to the costs associated with other forms of online marketing such as PPC advertising, social media marketing, or purchasing leads for an email marketing program, SEO provides good ROI. While PPC may offer instant gratification and social media may be more important for your company image, organic SEO remains a bedrock of your online presence and is the best long-term solution for driving measurable traffic to your site for a fraction of what PPC charges.

Search engine optimization is not the only option for businesses that want to be competitive, grow, and see returns on investment. But it is the cornerstone of a strong marketing foundation. SEO provides visibility, traffic, credibility, and branding and when used in conjunction with Google Analytics, you gain valuable insight into customer behavior and see the results of your marketing efforts.

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